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8q24.23 FISH Probes

Find FISH probes that cover the 8q24.23 region on chromosome 8. If you can't find the FISH probe you need, request a custom FISH probe for delivery within 2-3 weeks.

Loci Region View Probes
FAM135B FISH Probes CHR8: 139142265-139509065 View
KHDRBS3 FISH Probes CHR8: 136469715-136659848 View
LINC02055 FISH Probes CHR8: 136489428-137074373 View
MAPRE1P1 FISH Probes CHR8: 135626031-135623583 View
RNU1-35P FISH Probes CHR8: 135742494-135742342 View
RNU6-144P FISH Probes CHR8: 137105351-137105456 View
ZYXP1 FISH Probes CHR8: 137425020-137424903 View