Break Apart FISH Probes

Break-apart probes are designed to detect translocations, the most common genetic abnormality exhibited in cancer cells. Certain gene translocations have been found to be specific to certain cancer types, a finding that’s made it easier to diagnose these malignancies. Many translocations are just as effective in prognosis, too, and can provide important clues about disease progression on a case by case basis (degree of invasiveness, likelihood of remission, time between relapse, etc.).

Empire Genomics’ dual-colored break-apart FISH probes have helped thousands of clinicians and researchers quickly and reliably track gene translocations. They’re designed to flank either side of a gene, so that in the event of a translocation, the two colors will split. Can’t find the break-apart probe you need? Contact us and have a custom design that meets your needs delivered within 1-3 weeks.

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