Region Specific FISH Probes

If you don’t have a specific gene in mind, but do have a chromosomal region you’re curious about, you can search for probes based on your region of interest. Simply click on a locus to view its associated genes. Region lists are made up of single gene probes, which each contain 20 tests and usually ship within 1-3 weeks. Probes are confirmed on normal peripheral blood in both interphase nuclei and metaphase spreads. These products are for research use only (RUO) and are not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Search by Chromosome

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14q24.2-q24.3 FISH Probes

2 Biomarkers

7p11 FISH Probes

1 Biomarkers

7p11-q21 FISH Probes

1 Biomarkers

7p11.2 FISH Probes

81 Biomarkers

7p12.1 FISH Probes

19 Biomarkers

7p12.1-q21 FISH Probes

1 Biomarkers

7p12.2 FISH Probes

9 Biomarkers

7p12.2-p12.1 FISH Probes

1 Biomarkers

7p12.3 FISH Probes

31 Biomarkers

7p13 FISH Probes

53 Biomarkers

7p14 FISH Probes

1 Biomarkers

7p14.1 FISH Probes

70 Biomarkers

7p14.1-p13 FISH Probes

1 Biomarkers

7p14.2 FISH Probes

23 Biomarkers

7p14.2-p14.1 FISH Probes

1 Biomarkers

7p14.3 FISH Probes

61 Biomarkers

7p15 FISH Probes

2 Biomarkers

7p15-p13 FISH Probes

1 Biomarkers

7p15.1 FISH Probes

5 Biomarkers

7p15.2 FISH Probes

43 Biomarkers