BIOCARE MEDICAL Acquires Empire Genomics, Expanding Molecular Portfolio to Over 1 Million Biomarkers and Adding Rapid Biomarker Development to Lead Cancer Research

Biocare Medical, a leading provider of innovative, automated immunohistochemistry (IHC) and FISH (Fluorescent in situ hybridization) instrumentation and reagents, announces the acquisition of Empire Genomics, a market leader in molecular biomarkers to aid in cancer research and diagnostics.

Empire Genomics is a premier designer, manufacturer and distributor of a comprehensive menu of clinical and custom-labeled molecular probes, enabling thousands of leading global research facilities, clinical laboratories, and biotechnology organizations to advance biomarker research, accelerate diagnoses and improve personalized treatment options for patients battling cancer and other complex diseases. Empire Genomics technology has been cited in over 500 hundred of peer-reviewed scientific publications.

“We are incredibly excited to welcome Empire Genomics to the Biocare Medical team” said Luis de Luzuriaga, CEO of Biocare Medical. “This expansion of Biocare Medical’s molecular menu combined with our advanced automation platforms such as the ONCORE Pro X will enable researchers to move faster than they ever have before; advancing cancer diagnostics more quickly for better patient outcomes.”

Empire Genomics’ innovative portfolio of molecular probes empowers thousands of leading clinical laboratories, biotechnology companies and academic institutions around the world. Since 2006, Empire Genomics has built a legacy of high quality, molecular technology and proven their ability to deliver products that improve genetic research and patient care consistently.

“The breadth of the Empire Genomics portfolio is well-suited for automation on Biocare Medical’s ONCORE Pro and ONCORE Pro X platforms to produce high-quality, reproducible FISH and CISH results.” said Jason Ramos, Vice President of Research and Development at Biocare Medical. “Combining Empire Genomics’ rapid turnaround time for new biomarker development with ONCORE Pro’s accelerated hybridization opens myriad opportunities for cancer research applications.”

Together, Biocare Medical and Empire Genomics will bring an expanded offering of solutions to those research and diagnosing cancer around the world.

About Biocare Medical

Biocare Medical is a global leader in solutions for cancer research and diagnostics, providing: world-class reagents, including tissueconserving simultaneous Multiplex IHC antibody cocktails and detections; renowned Customer Care; and a comprehensive suite of advanced instrumentation for IHC, molecular, and histology testing. Customers include clinical anatomic pathology laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, CROs, and biotechnology companies as well as academic, government, military, and other non-profit laboratories. Biocare’s reagent portfolio includes primary antibodies, Multiplex IHC, and FISH probes for target indications. Biocare also offers a unique line of polymer detections for clinical, human, and animal research that deliver high sensitivity and exceptionally low background. The Company’s advanced automated instrument platforms, intelliPATH™ and ONCORE Pro™ have been designed to meet every need from high throughput clinical diagnostics to flexible research requirements.

About Empire Genomics

Empire Genomics is the market leader for FISH and ISH, offering over one million unique biomarkers. These biomarkers enable leading research and clinical institutions to bring clinically relevant tests to market faster than any other company. Founded in 2006 by a prominent member of the Human Genome Project to utilize innovative research started at the prestigious Roswell Park Cancer Institute, Empire Genomics enables groundbreaking research to transform into impactful clinical and research tools worldwide. The comprehensive product portfolio includes Fluorescence in situ Hybridization (FISH) and Chromogenic in situ Hybridization (CISH) probes designed and optimized for specific diseases, genes, or regions across the entire human and mouse genomes.