Chromosome 20 Control Probe

The Chromosome 20 Control probe specifically hybridizes to the centromeric region of chromosome 20, and is labeled using fluorescence in situ hybridization in green, red, orange, gold or aqua. The Chromosome 20 Control probe is ideal for enumerating chromosome 20 and when combined with a gene or region specific probe, can act as a control.

SKU Test Kits Buffer Dye Color Order Now
CHR20-10-GR 10 (20 μL) 100 μL
CHR20-10-RE 10 (20 μL) 100 μL
CHR20-10-AQ 10 (20 μL) 100 μL
CHR20-10-OR 10 (20 μL) 100 μL
CHR20-10-GO 10 (20 μL) 100 μL