SwiftFISH Rapid Hybridization Buffer

A major limitation of hybridization is speed. The SwiftFISH® Hybridization Buffer reduces hybridization time from 16 hours to as little as 2 hour. It matches signal intensity and is optimized to reduce background. SwiftFISH follows a similar protocol as traditional hybridization buffers, with the exception of temperature and time of hybridization. This product is sold in 200µl vials. Fully compatible with all of our probes.

Clinical Utility: SwiftFISH is designed to decrease processing time in obtaining FISH results. For example, APL is a high-risk disease directly associated with the PML-RARA fusion gene. If not diagnosed and treated quickly it can lead to disseminated intravascular coagulation and death. With the SwiftFISH Hybridization Buffer you can help diagnose APL in hours instead of days.

SKU: SwiftFISH-Buffer

Specimen Type: Peripheral blood, Bone Marrow, FFPE tissue

Vial Size: 200 μL