19p19q FISH Probe

Empire Genomics’ 19p19q FISH probe is designed to detect amplifications and deletions in the 19p13.2/19q13.3 chromosomal regions. The probe comes labeled in green and orange, but can be customized to meet your needs. A normal 19p19q signal will show two sets of split orange and green signals. An abnormal sample will result in either a missing orange signal, indicating loss of 19q, or a missing green signal, indicating loss of 19p. 

Gene Background: Gliomas are tumors of the brain and spinal cord that arise in the glial cells. Astrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas are the two most common types of glioma, accounting for about 40% of all CNS tumors and more than 60% of primary brain cancers.1 Losses of 19q are found in approximately 80% of oligodendrogliomas, two-thirds of anaplastic oligodendrogliomas, and, to varying frequencies, in certain subsets of oligoastrocytomas and anaplastic oligoastrocytomas.Most of these losses result from an unbalanced t(1;19)(q10;p10) translocation. Deletion of 19q has also been shown to occur in a subset of extraventricular neurocytomas.3

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19p19q-20-GROR  (Standard Design) 20 (40 μL) 200 μL