The MRPS23 FISH probe is designed to hybridize to the MRPS23 gene and is primarily used for detecting amplifications and deletions associated with the gene. This probe is FISH confirmed on normal peripheral blood metaphase spreads and interphase nuclei. The probe can be labeled in one of five colors. Each probe is sold in a 20 test kit (approximately 20 slides - 22x22 mm area) and includes hybridization buffer. Please note that due to design optimizations, prices are subject to change.

** This product is for in vitro and research use only. This product is not intended for diagnostic use.

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MRPS23-20-OR  (Standard Design) 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
MRPS23-20-RE 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
MRPS23-20-GO 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
MRPS23-20-GR 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
MRPS23-20-AQ 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
MRPS23-20-DIG 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
MRPS23-20-BIO 20 (40 μL) 200 μL

Gene Summary

Mammalian mitochondrial ribosomal proteins are encoded by nuclear genes and help in protein synthesis within the mitochondrion. Mitochondrial ribosomes (mitoribosomes) consist of a small 28S subunit and a large 39S subunit. They have an estimated 75% protein to rRNA composition compared to prokaryotic ribosomes, where this ratio is reversed. Another difference between mammalian mitoribosomes and prokaryotic ribosomes is that the latter contain a 5S rRNA. Among different species, the proteins comprising the mitoribosome differ greatly in sequence, and sometimes in biochemical properties, which prevents easy recognition by sequence homology. This gene encodes a 28S subunit protein. A pseudogene corresponding to this gene is found on chromosome 7p. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

Gene Details

Gene Symbol: MRPS23

Gene Name: Mitochondrial Ribosomal Protein S23

Chromosome: CHR17: 55916286-55927433

Locus: 17q22

FISH Probe Protocols

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MRPS23 amplification and gene expression in breast cancer; association with proliferation and the non-basal subtypes

MRPS23 overexpression is linked to increased tumor cell proliferation in breast cancer. This study investigated the association between MRPS23 gene amplification and molecular subtype, tumor proliferation, and prognosis in breast cancer from two cohorts: one from the Cancer Registry of Norway, and one from the METABRIC database. Our MRPS23 FISH probe was used to detect MRPS23 amplification in the Norway cohort, which consisted of 144 BC cases. MRPS23 amplification was more prevalent in non-basal subtypes, and, as expected, correlated with tumor proliferation, but no association was found between MRPS23 amplification and prognosis.

Product Details

Product: MRPS23 FISH Probe

Test Kits: 20 (40 μL)

ISH Buffer: 200 μL


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Turnaround Time: 7-10 Business Days

Shipping Time: 1-2 Day Expedited Shipping