The HBB-LCR FISH probe is designed to hybridize to the HBB-LCR gene and is primarily used for detecting amplifications and deletions associated with the gene. This probe is FISH confirmed on normal peripheral blood metaphase spreads and interphase nuclei. The probe can be labeled in one of five colors. Each probe is sold in a 20 test kit (approximately 20 slides - 22x22 mm area) and includes hybridization buffer. Please note that due to design optimizations, prices are subject to change.

** This product is for in vitro and research use only. This product is not intended for diagnostic use.

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HBB-LCR-20-OR  (Standard Design) 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
HBB-LCR-20-RE 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
HBB-LCR-20-GO 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
HBB-LCR-20-GR 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
HBB-LCR-20-AQ 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
HBB-LCR-20-DIG 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
HBB-LCR-20-BIO 20 (40 μL) 200 μL

Gene Summary

This genomic sequence, which spans 34 kb upstream of the hemoglobin subunit epsilon 1 (HBE1) gene, represents the 5' regulatory region of the human beta-globin gene cluster on chromosome 11. It includes a locus control region (LCR), which can confer developmentally regulated, position-independent and copy number-dependent expression on linked beta-globin genes in transgenic mice. The LCR is the major element controlling expression of the downstream beta-globin genes (epsilon, G-gamma, A-gamma, delta and beta, or HBE1, HBG2, HBG1, HBD and HBB, respectively), which are organized on the chromosome in their order of developmental expression. This region includes several DNase I hypersensitive sites (HSs; 5'HS1-5'HS7 in the entire region, 5'HS1-5'HS5 in the LCR), some of which possess enhancer activity in erythroid cells and/or function in synergy (e.g., the 5'HS2 and 5'HS3 enhancers). The HSs bind to erythroid transcription factors and are associated with regulatory complexes involved in beta-globin gene expression and the organization of local chromatin domain structure. This region also includes matrix attachment regions (MARs), silencers, an enhancer-blocking element (at 5'HS5), and a retroviral element (ERV-9) with enhancer activity in erythrocytes. Chromosome conformation capture assays show that the LCR is an integral part of the beta-globin active chromatin hub in erythroid cells, where it undergoes looping interactions with distal 5' and 3' HSs (HS-111 and 3'HS1) and the active beta-globin gene promoters. The LCR also regulates replication initiation at a replication origin (IR) in the vicinity of the adult beta-globin (HBB) gene. Mutations in this LCR result in beta-thalassemias and beta-hemoglobinopathies. A large naturally-occurring deletion, which includes the sequence spanning 5'HS2-5'HS7, results in Hispanic gamma-delta-beta thalassemia and a closed chromatin conformation across the beta-globin locus. [provided by RefSeq, Mar 2017]

Gene Details

Gene Symbol: HBB-LCR

Gene Name: Beta-globin Locus Control Region

Chromosome: CHR11: 5291370-5275849

Locus: 11p15.4

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Product Details

Product: HBB-LCR FISH Probe

Test Kits: 20 (40 μL)

ISH Buffer: 200 μL


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Turnaround Time: 7-10 Business Days

Shipping Time: 1-2 Day Expedited Shipping