CEP78 FISH Probe

The CEP78 FISH probe is designed to hybridize to the CEP78 gene and is primarily used for detecting amplifications and deletions associated with the gene. This probe is FISH confirmed on normal peripheral blood metaphase spreads and interphase nuclei. The probe can be labeled in one of five colors. Each probe is sold in a 20 test kit (approximately 20 slides - 22x22 mm area) and includes hybridization buffer. Please note that due to design optimizations, prices are subject to change.

** This product is for in vitro and research use only. This product is not intended for diagnostic use.

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SKU Test Kits Buffer Dye Color Order Now
CEP78-20-OR  (Standard Design) 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
CEP78-20-RE 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
CEP78-20-GO 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
CEP78-20-GR 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
CEP78-20-AQ 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
CEP78-20-DIG 20 (40 μL) 200 μL
CEP78-20-BIO 20 (40 μL) 200 μL

Gene Summary

This gene encodes a centrosomal protein that is both required for the regulation of centrosome-related events during the cell cycle, and required for ciliogenesis. The encoded protein has an N-terminal leucine-rich repeat (LRR) domain with six consecutive LRR repeats, and a C-terminal coiled-coil domain. It interacts with the N-terminal catalytic domain of polo-like kinase 4 (PLK4) and colocalizes with PLK4 to the distal end of the centriole. Naturally occurring mutations in this gene cause defects in primary cilia that result in retinal degeneration and sensorineural hearing loss which are associated with cone-rod degeneration disease as well as Usher syndrome. Low expression of this gene is associated with poor prognosis of colorectal cancer patients. [provided by RefSeq, Mar 2017]

Gene Details

Gene Symbol: CEP78

Gene Name: Centrosomal Protein 78

Chromosome: CHR9: 80850990-80881983

Locus: 9q21.2

FISH Probe Protocols

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Product Details

Product: CEP78 FISH Probe

Test Kits: 20 (40 μL)

ISH Buffer: 200 μL

SKU: CEP78-20-OR

Material Safety Data Sheet: MSDS.pdf

Turnaround Time: 7-10 Business Days

Shipping Time: 1-2 Day Expedited Shipping