Malt Lymphoma FISH Probes

IGH/MALT1 fusion is found mainly in MALT lymphoma of the ocular adnexa (7%) and lung (6%), and rarely at other anatomic sites. The fusion has leads not only to MALT1 overexpression, but also BCL10 accumulation in the cytoplasm.

BIRC3/MALT1 fusion occurs predominantly in MALT lymphoma of the stomach (24%) and lung (38%). The alteration generates a BIRC3/MALT1 hybrid protein with the ability to activate both the canonical and non-canonical NF-κB pathways.

In MALT lymphoma, TNFAIP3 deletion and mutation are mainly seen in those of the ocular adnexa, salivary gland and thyroid, typically in cases lacking MALT1-associated rearrangements. The deletion augments NF-kB activation.