TLR10 Is a B Cell Intrinsic Suppressor of Adaptive Immune Responses

2016-12-12 16:14:41

The Journal of Immunology; 12 December 2016: /DOI:10.4049/?jimmunol.1601335

Nicholas J. Hess, Song Jiang, Xinyan Li, Yue Guan and Richard I. Tapping


Toll-like receptors play a central role in the initiation of adaptive immune responses with several TLR agonists acting as known B cell mitogens. Despite thousands of publications on TLRs, the function of TLR10 remains unknown. We have found that Ab-mediated engagement of TLR10 on primary human B cells suppresses B cell proliferation, cytokine production, and signal transduction. When challenged with either a T independent or T dependent Ag, TLR10 transgenic mice exhibit diminished Ab responses. Adoptive transfer of splenic B cells into B cell–deficient mice revealed that the suppressive effects on Ag-specific humoral immune responses are entirely B cell intrinsic. Our results demonstrate that TLR10 has a functional role within the B cell lineage that is distinct from that of other TLR family members and may provide a potential therapeutic target for diseases characterized by dysregulated B cell activity.

Empire's 1148D18 BAC clone, containing the full coding region of TLR10, was used in this publication, Search Here

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