The current state of molecular cytogenetics in cancer diagnosis

2015-02-09 00:01:36

Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics; 9 FEB 2015; DOI:10.1586/14737159.2015.1013032

Thomas Liehr, Moneeb AK Othman, Katharina Rittscher, Eyad Alhourani


Cytogenetics and molecular cytogenetics are and will continue to be indispensable tools in cancer diagnostics. Leukemia and lymphoma diagnostics are still emphases of routine (molecular) cytogenetics and corresponding studies of solid tumors gain more and more prominence. Here, first a historical perspective of molecular tumor cytogenetics is provided, which is followed by the basic principles of the fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) approach. Finally the current state of molecular cytogenetics in cancer diagnostics is discussed. Nowadays routine diagnostics includes basic FISH approaches rather than multicolor-FISH. The latter together with modern high-throughput methods have their impact on research to identify new tumor-associated genomic regions.

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Key Words

copy number variation | counseling | cytogenetics | fluorescence in situ hybridization | leukemia | lymphoma | molecular cytogenetics | oncogene | solid tumors | tumor suppressor gene