Empire Genomics Strengthens Worldwide Distribution Network

2015-07-23 00:01:54

Date: July 23, 2015

Buffalo, New York - Empire Genomics is pleased to announce its growing network of international distributors which spans twenty-nine companies in twenty-three countries, making available the organization’s offerings - FISH Probes, cell culture media products, and molecular services including Next-Gen Sequencing - to a wider breadth of clients and potential partners across the globe.

“We are committed to providing our international customers with a high service level and these quality distributors will help us accomplish it,“ stated Reza Mazaheri, Empire Genomics Vice President of International Business Development.

A list of recently added Empire Distributors is provided below:

  1. Laboratory

  2. Albania - Pegasus Ltd

  3. Australia & New Zealand - BioScientific Pty Ltd

  4. Czech Republic & Slovakia - Biovigen, S.R.O.

  5. India (North) – Biogenuix

  6. India (West) - MolDiag Solutions LLP

  7. Israel - Biotag Ltd

  8. Italy - Bioclarma SRL

  9. Japan – CoreMed

  10. Poland - Biovigen SP. Z.O.O.

  11. South Korea – Kormed

  12. Taiwan – Hong Jing Co Ltd

  13. Uruguay - Atgen

Although Empire Genomics sells and ships directly to customers anywhere in the world, distributors provide a detailed knowledge of local dynamics, support logistics and bring an increased level of customer service through product education. The primary objective of building our distribution relationships is to provide better services to our international clients. Empire Genomics will continue to explore worldwide distribution relationships as a part of our commercial strategy.