Clinical Services

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Technical Component/Professional Component (TC/PC) Split Services Model

Empire Genomics works closely with specialty practices across the country to help improve the standard of patient care. Under the TC/PC model, we are responsible for the in-house testing and processing of specimens (TC), leaving the analysis and interpretation for the client (PC). Advantages include:

  • Improved patient care
  • Rapid turn-around time
  • Global conversion
  • Custom solutions
  • Precise QA/QC processes
  • CAP, CLIA, NYS, and CA certified

As a progressive clinical laboratory, our goal is to introduce innovative ideas to the medical community. Empire Genomics does not react to market trends, we create novel custom solutions by continual research of growth opportunities. By adopting the TC/PC model you can expect:

  • No additional capital investment
  • Support tools to assist in getting started, throughout the process, and all logistics
  • Easy start up and end
Clinical Consultation and Test Utilization

Upon collaborating with us you can choose to utilize our sales force to help drive business and increase sales for your clinic, creating a symbiotic relationship that establishes new clients for your business and ours.

Concordance Studies for Laboratory Validations

We'll perform identical testing of your choice that aims for concordance of 99.95%, further validating your sample, test, or study.