BioPharma Overview

Empire Genomics partners with biopharmaceutical companies and researchers to develop assays that support the acceleration of oncology drug development programs. Our services are designed to support development from early biomarker identification, to late stage clinical trials and companion diagnostic development. 

By partnering with Empire Genomics you can:

  • Identify patients in your trial that will not respond due to a genetic biomarker
  • Identify the ideal drug combination and therapeutic effect on the patient prior to starting a trial
  • Revisit past trials to identify genomic biomarkers that could have been used, potentially leading to FDA resubmission
  • Increase drug response rates and improve patient care


Companion Diagnostic Services

The biopharmaceutical industry has seen a shift towards the necessity of using biomarkers to develop more effective therapies. According to the Personalized Medicine Coalition, more than 25% of new molecular entities (NMEs) approved by the FDA in 2015 and 2016 are personalized medicines. Empire Genomics has a team of molecular and cytogenetic experts who are ready to assist you in translating your genomic discoveries into personalized medicines. We have both the technical expertise and experience needed to take your biomarker from the discovery phase completely through the complex regulatory path to an FDA approved companion diagnostic. Learn more.

PGx Services

Our range of pharmacogenomics services allow you to better predict disease progression, prognosis, and drug response, and to identify new targets. Choosing to work with Empire Genomics’ BioPharma Services will deliver a rapid conversion of your scientific findings to lasting practical diagnostics. Learn more.

Custom Services

Empire Genomics offers a complete menu of genomic services to meet your research and development needs. By choosing Empire Genomics, you can leverage our collective experience and state of the art equipment to design services to fit your unique project.